If you’re a Bank of America customer, understanding routing numbers is essential for various banking transactions. Routing numbers are unique identifiers assigned to financial institutions to facilitate the seamless transfer of funds between accounts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information about Bank of America routing numbers for each state in the USA. Whether you’re looking to set up direct deposit, make wire transfers, or conduct other banking activities, this article has got you covered.

What is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a unique nine-digit code assigned to a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, by the American Bankers Association (ABA). It is used to identify the specific bank or credit union in the check processing system. Routing numbers play a vital role in directing funds accurately during transactions, including wire transfers, direct deposits, and electronic payments.

The Importance of Routing Numbers

Routing numbers are essential for various banking transactions. They ensure that funds are routed correctly between financial institutions, reducing the chances of errors or misdirected payments. Whether you’re setting up direct deposit for your paycheck, making a wire transfer, or initiating an electronic payment, having the correct routing number is crucial to ensure the smooth and accurate movement of funds.

How to Find Bank of America’s Routing Number

Finding Bank of America’s routing number is a simple process. There are multiple ways to obtain the routing number for your specific account:

  1. Checkbook: The routing number is usually printed on the bottom left corner of your Bank of America checks. It is the nine-digit number located before your account number and the check number.
  2. Bank of America Website: Visit the Bank of America official website and navigate to the “Routing Numbers” page. Enter your state and account type to find the appropriate routing number.
  3. Online Banking: Log in to your Bank of America online banking account and access your account details. The routing number should be displayed along with other essential account information.
  4. Mobile App: If you have the Bank of America mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can find the routing number by accessing your account information or settings.

Different Types of Transactions and Routing Numbers

Bank of America has different routing numbers depending on the type of transaction you are conducting. Here are the common types of transactions and their associated routing numbers:

  1. Domestic Wire Transfers: If you need to send money within the United States, you will need Bank of America’s domestic wire transfer routing number. This number ensures that the funds reach the correct bank and branch.
  2. International Wire Transfers: For international wire transfers, Bank of America has a different routing number. This number is specifically designed for transactions involving banks outside of the United States.
  3. Direct Deposits: When setting up direct deposit for your paycheck or other recurring income, you will need Bank of America’s ACH routing number. This number ensures that your funds are deposited directly into your account.
  4. Electronic Payments: For electronic payments, such as online bill payments or transferring money between accounts, Bank of America uses an ACH routing number. This number is different from the domestic wire transfer routing number.

Bank Of America Routing Number for All States:


You can always verify your Routing number of Bank Of America following these instructions;

  • Go to the login page for Bank of America
  • Log in using your username and ID.
  • After logging in, choose the account you wish to access.
  • Then, click on the Information & Services tab

You can still obtain your routing number bank of america if you cannot connect to online banking. However, you will need to know the state where the account was created. Below I have listed the Routing number along with the name of the state.

State/BranchRouting Number
Florida, East63100277
Florida, West63100277
Illinois, South81904808
Illinois, North71000505
Illinois, Chicago Metro81904808
Illinois, Chicago Metro (paper)*71103619
Missouri East/St. Louis81000032
Missouri West/Kansas City81000032
Missouri West/Kansas City (paper)*101000035
New Hampshire11400495
New Jersey21200339
New Mexico107000327
New York21000322
North Carolina53000196
North Dakota51000017
Rhode Island11500010
South Carolina53904483
South Dakota51000017
Texas, North111000025
Texas, South111000025
Texas, South (paper)*113000023
Washington, D.C.54001204
West Virginia51000017

What do you do if do not have access to Online Banking and You Don’t know the state in which your account was established in?

If you aren’t sure of the state under which the account was established and you do not possess access to Online Banking, you must call customer support to find out these information.

Customer Service Number of Bank Of America

English: 800 432 1000

International Dial: +315724 4022

Spanish: 1 800 688 6086

Call between 8AM and 11PM on weekdays, or 8AM to 8PM on weekends.

Imp Note: Skype is a great way to make calls to Bank of America Toll-Free Numbers if you’re not in the US. You don’t need to have credit, and you can make the call without cost. If you’re not connected to WiFi, a Data Charge will apply.


Can I use the same routing number for all Bank of America transactions?

No, Bank of America has different routing numbers for different types of transactions. Make sure to use the correct routing number based on the transaction you are conducting.

Is the routing number the same as the account number?

No, the routing number and account number are different. The routing number identifies the bank, while the account number identifies the specific account within the bank.

Can I find the routing number on my bank statement?

Yes, the routing number is typically listed on your bank statement. Look for a section that includes your account details or contact your bank for assistance.

How do I ensure I provide the correct routing number for a transaction?

Double-check the routing number before initiating any transaction. Verify the number with your bank or use one of the official methods mentioned earlier to obtain the correct routing number.

Can I change my routing number?

No, you cannot change your routing number. The routing number is assigned to your bank and is not customizable.


Understanding Bank of America’s routing number is crucial for conducting various banking transactions accurately. Whether you’re making a wire transfer, setting up direct deposit, or initiating an electronic payment, using the correct routing number ensures that your funds reach the intended destination without any issues. Remember to always double-check the routing number before initiating any transaction to avoid any potential errors.